Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Mother holds her child, Forever.

It's like a second birth for a woman when she comes to know about her pregnancy and then those nine months she goes through numerous hormonal changes, those unbearable pains, taking care of herself just to make sure that you are comfortable and healthy in her womb.
And that pain when she finally gives you birth but the time you are in her lap she forgets everything, as if she holds her world.
She is the one who started loving you before even knowing or seeing you.
She loses her figure in pregnancy, she experiences unbearable pains, she didn't sleep for so many nights to manage your cries and even after that when you once said you couldn't sleep and she did it all just for you.
For the first time when she saw you crawling on your knees, she couldn't keep her eyes off.
She was awed with all those expressions you made. And then you stood up walking on your feet, which was so amazing to her that she couldn't stop admiring the way you walk. She let's you walk on your own but she was always behind just to hold you, in case you fall. It's like living her childhood again which she left far behind and doing those little things for you which makes you happy. She count her blessings and thank God everyday to bless her with the most beautiful gift in the whole world. 

She is your first teacher, your mentor, your favorite chef, an endless book of knowledge, your partner in crime (sometimes ;), your first love and your best friend. There's not a thing which remains hidden from her. She can read your face and tell you that you had a bad day. But then your favorite food from her master kitchen is all the healing therapy you need. 

She could sense that pain and had tears in her eyes, when you got vaccinated.

Most of our bruises got cured by her care, rather than the application of  Dettol.

Whether she's educated or not, your mother makes sure that you get the best of the education and can utilize it further.

Your sense of humor is bad or good, she still laughs at all of your jokes.

It's not possible for her to feel okay, when you are ill and however hard it is for her, she leaves her work just to make you well.

She might scold you for hundreds of time but also have cried alone for making you cry.

That day when you shouted back at her, she didn't wanna talk but she still do, so that you don't have to sleep hungry.

You made her sacrificed number of sarees to buy you a brand new mobile.

You made her weep, when you didn't ate food because you were angry.

And what not she did. Countless of the little things she do to make you happy without asking for anything in return ,just a little bit of love and care. 

She's a person who was with you before your birth and will be there with you whenever you need her.
This day is meant to thank her for everything she do, But trust me! This whole of our lifetime would be less to do so, because the list is endless.
"Even if I start thanking you from today to each upcoming days of our togetherness, I know even this would not be enough because I can never equal up to all those sacrifices you made for me and all of your efforts you did to see that very smile on my face".
To all the beautiful mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day and thank you for your priceless and endless love you bestow on your children.